The conference titled “International Talented/Gifted Conference: New Approaches and Educational Implementations” is one of the events planned under the European Union ERAMUS+KA 2 project named “Strategies for Talented and Gifted Pupils’ Teachers”, project number 2015-1-TR01KA20|-02I420. It was planned in this event to focus on various themes about the education of gifted/talented children, to share international studies and the experiences of subject area experts, and to give an insight to teachers, parents, institutions and researchers who educate these children. The conference was held between 4-7 May 2017, and the host university was Gazi University. The main theme of the conference was determined as “New Approaches and Educational Implementations”. Opening speech was made by the project coordinator Prof. Dr. Esra Ömeroğlu, faculty member of Gazi Education Faculty. Many local and foreign listeners participated in the conference.

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